We have a right to believe and worship as we choose, speak as we decide, and defend ourselves and our loved ones. These rights are not only fundamental to our nation but our culture as well. Combined, they affirm the entirety of an individual—the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of a person. As every human is endowed by our Creator, each one of us wholly matters and ought to be protected.


I oppose any government intrusion in religious establishments, and reject the elimination of religion from the public square.  Likewise, I oppose limitations to free speech in classrooms and workplaces. I support the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and I support legislation that would protect gun manufacturers and owners from frivolous lawsuits.



The State is not our parent or God. In order to limit taxation, we must limit government to its proper role of protecting life and property. We must shift the responsibility for charity back to religious organizations, nonprofits, and private institutions. Taxes should be minimal and the allocation of taxpayers' money ought to be transparent to the public. It is a confident, comfortable private sector that attracts families and businesses and promotes prosperity.


I support auditing our state government for inefficient spending, eliminating corporate welfare, and keeping taxes low so families can choose where and how they spend their own money.



We can all agree that our state educational system needs major reform. With my experience as a teacher’s assistant, substitute teacher, sports coach, and camp counselor, I have seen the barriers to success for our educators and students. 

As your Representative, I will advocate for local control over educational policies, providing the best opportunity for parents, teachers, & administrators to collaborate. The process to change curriculum and policies or update school budgets must be transparent and allow for public input. Furthermore, we have a right to know just how our tax dollars are being spent for education. You should be able to see a straightforward state budget plan every year, not like the tangled web of red tape we currently have! Oklahoma must improve efficiency and accountability in order to raise educational outcomes.

I also support having school board elections on the same days as general elections to increase community participation.


Parents are the first and primary source of love, nourishment, and instruction for children, as well as their foremost authority. Whether in areas of health, education, or faith, the state should never infringe upon parental rights to make decisions for their children.

I support the right of parents to access and examine all records, curriculum, and programs affecting their children and their right to grant or withhold consent for their children to participate in any healthcare or education program whatsoever.



We are all endowed by our Creator with the inalienable right to life. This includes all stages of life—embryonic to adulthood. Our Oklahoma Constitution states: “all persons have the inherent right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the gains of their own industry” (Article II Section 2). Human life begins at the moment of conception regardless of what progressive politicians and activists say. It is not the government’s job to redefine this absolute truth or to regulate the right to life. It is the government’s job to protect its citizens at EVERY stage of life.


I support state legislation that would end abortion immediately.

Karmin Grider


Karmin Grider

for Oklahoma State Representative